The Effectiveness Of The Icar Learning Model To Increase The Ability Of The Problems In Dynamic Electrical Material

  • Giyono Giyono High school 2 Muara Enim South Sumatera
  • Budi Jatmiko Post-graduate Education Science Study Program of Surabaya State University
  • Endang Susantini Post-graduate Education Science Study Program of Surabaya State University


This research aims to improve the problem solving ability of dynamic electrical matter physics. Dynamic electricity is a material that is difficult enough for students to understand because it is abstract. The ability of dynamic electrical problem solving with an ICAR model is important to be practiced by teachers in the learning process. Because the ICAR model is suitable for solving problem-solving abilities in students, the steps of the ICAR model need to be mastered by the teacher so that the teacher is increasingly understanding the innovative model of physics learning. Problem solving ability is the ability to find answers to problems encountered based on prior knowledge and understanding of students. This research was conducted on the 12th grade students of Natural Science High School of State 2 Muara Enim South Sumatra in 2016. This study uses the educational research development approach that has been modified into three steps, namely: 1) preliminary study; 2) development of initial product draft; And 3) major product trials. Data troubleshooting capabilities on dynamic electrical materials are collected using tests. Data were analyzed and calculated using a normalized N-gain score. Based on the result of experimentation of ICAR learning model, it is known to increase the ability of dynamic physics problem solving problem, on: 1) showing model with N-gain = 0.7 high category; 2) analyze the model with N-gain of 0.6 medium category; And 3) interpreting and validating with N-gain 0.7 high categories.