Science integration in the industry of making knife village Hadipolo for subject IPA SD material utilization natural resources

  • F Reffiane Universitas PGRI Semarang, Indonesia
  • K T Utaminingrum Universitas PGRI Semarang, Indonesia


Local knowledge is a form of environmental wisdom that exist in public life in a particular place or area. Local knowledge can be reflected in the habits of life that has lasted a long time. The concept of the development of local wisdom inspired from various of potential, namely the potential of natural resources, human resources, geographical, cultural and historical. Local knowledge that exist in Kudus City many different such as: make a knife that to be work tradition in the Kudus. The process of integration of science in the lesson IPA SD basically very important. The scope of school is used in this study they are schools that in neighbourhood of craftsmen knife because in the integration ways to make a knife by used material of SDM, so the teacher must adjust the life area and the level of development children be adapted with material or subjects that submitted. Based on the research results ways of making knife usually tool and material already available, the material is used such as stainless and white iron sheet. The craftsmen of knife making knife by using the order of knife making. Suggestion that researcher convey the teacher should be able to integrate why to making knife in subject of material IPA SD utilization of natural resources in learning process. By using integrate the teacher hope fully student to knowing local culture itself that can developed and to preserved.