Prototype of media interactive whiteboard to improving psychomotor skills of early childhood

  • E Kurniasih Open University, Indonesia
  • L R Masduki Open University, Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to develop Media Interactive WhiteBoard to improve
psychomotor skill of early childhood. The specific targets to be achieved in this study is to test
the effectiveness of Interactive WhiteBoard media in early childhood learning Semarang city
area. Procedures for developing a whiteboard device using a model developed by Borg and Gall
covering 10 stages: (1) Research and information collecting, (2) Planning, (3) Develop
preliminary form of product, (4) Preliminary field testing, (5) Main product revision, (6) Main
field testing, (7) Operational product revision, (8) Operational field testing, (9) Final product
revision, (10) Dissemination and implementation. Borg & Gall (1983) states that the
development research procedure basically consists of two main objectives: (1) developing the
product, and (2) testing the effectiveness of the product in achieving the goal. In this year's 1st
research, the steps that are carried out are only at the Main Product Revision stage. From the
result of this research, the prototype of the interactive whiteboard media is assembled by the
research team, then validated by the media expert team, then the learning material in PAUD is
validated by an expert material that is packaged attractively for the psychomotor of early child,
with an average score of 86 and 88 This means that interactive media products whiteboard and
learning materials in early childhood is worth to be tested in early childhood class.