Design of the subject matter about analytical geometry based augmented reality

  • Nurmawati Nurmawati Mathematic Education Program, Open University Indonesia
  • S Suparman Mathematic Education Program, Open University Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to develop E-book Media with Augmented reality
Model in Analytical Geometry course in seen from its concept understanding ability. As for the
specific targets to be achieved in this research is to produce E-book applications media to use it
on analytical geometry course. The Procedure of the development of instructional media uses a
model developed by Borg and Gall which includes 10 stages, namely (1) Research and
information collecting, (2) Planning, (3) Develop a preliminary form of the product, (4)
Preliminary field testing, (5) Main product revision, (6) Main field testing, (7) Operational
product revision, (8) Operational field testing, (9) Final product revision, (10) Dissemination and
implementation. Borg and Gall (1983) states that the development of this research procedure
consists basically of two main objectives, namely: (1) developing the product, and (2) to test the
effectiveness of the product to achieve goals. In this study the steps taken only to the extent to
the Main Product Revision, results showed that the product which has been validated by two
people as a subject expert and media expert validator with the average score of 80.25 and 84,75.
the score means that E-book product is eligible for use in the learning process in the subject of
analytical geometry, as it has been applied in mathematics education courses in University of
PGRI Semarang.