Prototype of media mobile learning with ethnomatematic model on geometry college

  • L R Masduki FKIP Universitas Terbuka
  • S Suparman FKIP Universitas Terbuka
  • E Prayitno FKIP Universitas Terbuka


The rapid technological development of this decade, requires the lecturer to package
interesting learning for the students, one of them with the model and the learning media that is
adapted to the character of the students, the students of the Open University are accustomed to
self study, but in the process of independent learning has not got the model and media Which is
suitable for students, therefore required the appropriate model and media, one of them is a model
of ethnomatematics based on local wisdom that makes students actively study before the lectures
in the class, and then the media that support this learning model is the mobile learning media is
very suitable because it is easy to carry anywhere, practically, and efficiently. The selected
course is the Geometry course because this course is the student's main stock when tomorrow
becomes a teacher in the School and is packed online and offline based on android tailored to
the online and offline learning system in Open University. The purpose of this research result is
to produce product in the form of mobile learning application media in geometry course which
can be used in Mathematics Education program at Open University. This research method uses
Borg and Gall development model with 10 stages in it, namely (1) Research and information
Collecting, (2) Planning, (3) Develop preliminary form of product, (4) Preliminary field testing,
(5) Main product revision, (6) Main field testing, (7) Operational product revision, (8)
Operational field testing , (9) Final product revision, (10) Dissemination and implementation.
On first year focused step number 1 until number 5 its main product revision so make
mobilemath application so good. Generated prototype of mobile learning application in
geometry course combined with local wisdom, so it is expected that open university students
interested to learn geometry anytime and anywhere, from the assessment of material experts and
media experts obtained the average score of 85 and 90. And respone college student use
mobilelearning geometry is 89,25.This means that the application media Mobile learning based
on ethnomatematics or local wisdom is agree to tested in a classroom that teaches geometry