Expert system irrigation management of agricultural reservoir system using analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and forward chaining method

  • Y N Ifriza Sekolah Pascasarjana, Magister Information System Diponegoro University
  • C E Widodo Sekolah Pascasarjana, Magister Information System Diponegoro University
  • J E Suseno Sekolah Pascasarjana, Magister Information System Diponegoro University


In this research, an agriculture reservoir irrigation management system has been built which will be used as prototype to give a detail description of the system referred. It will be operated with sensors based, furthermore, the aim of this research is to manage agriculture reservoir irrigation, it is considering the water level of reservoirs, the humidity of farmland and the type of agricultural commodities. If the land requires the water flow from the agricultural reservoir then the reservoir’s gate will be opened, this consideration will be based on the analysis of land needs using AHP and forward chaining method. The tehnology applied to agricultural irrigation is needed especially in the reservoirs, as agricultural irrigation centers. The using of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Forward Chaining can be selected because of this method is rather considered as very flexible and is a model to rank the data and making the right decision. The inputs of the system are (1) the humidity sensor data of agricultural land; (2) data of reservoir water level; And (3) type of plant commodity data, it is sent by microcontroller. those datum will be processed in two stages, the first stage is AHP, at this stage, the data need to be processed by holding the manufacture of matrix comparison criteria, seeking the priority weights vector with KAW 0032, KOML1 0175, KOML2 0046, KOML3 0044, KOML4 0056, KOML5 0072, KELL1 0076 , KELL2 0104, KELL3 0135, KELL4 0118, KELL5 0136, at 12:27 lamda and value consistency index (CI) 0:13, 1:51 RI value, then, it is discovered that the consistency ratio (CR) is 0:08, because the value of CR <0.1 hence the rank of the rating is accurate data , After that, the data will be processed in the Foward Chaining process which is defined according to the given control structure in the form of final decision with 16 rule bases. The result of water level sensor calibration of reservoir shows linear correlation with the determination of water level sensor coefficient which is 0,9918 shows positive value which is interrelated. Calibration of humidity sensor of agricultural land is done by converting output data of electric voltage (volts) with humidity sensor value, it is found that coefficient of determination of humidity sensor which is 0,9849 shows positive value is also interrelated.