Development of high school mathematics teaching materials based on geogebra android version

  • H Budiman Universitas Suryakancana
  • S Ramdhani Universitas Suryakancana


Geogebra android version is an innovation of mathematics software used by teachers or students anywhere. This research aimed to develop high school mathematics teaching materials on graphing quadratic function, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and the peak point based on Geogebra android version. Using GeoGebra android version in learning process was an innovation of mathematics learning by teachers at the classroom. The teacher explained and constructed the students' knowledge about some concepts of the materials and involved the students in discussion process and expected students constructed their own knowledge. Students used the Geogebra android version to create conjectures and find some concepts of graphing quadratic function and completed assignments on students' activity sheets. The research method used formative development research. A total of 36 students of grade 10th participated in this study. The quality of teaching materials was measured based on student achievement, student’s activity during the learning process, student's response toward teaching materials, and students’ worksheet. The results showed very good category (86.74%) for student achievement, effective for student activity, positive responses toward teaching materials (72%), and very good achievement in worksheet activity (94,2%). The teaching materials showed the positive impact in the learning process.