Development of e-learning based media in economic mathematics course to increase students’ reliance

  • E Suprapto Universitas PGRI Madiun, Indonesia
  • S Maharani Universitas PGRI Madiun, Indonesia


This study aims to develop e-learning based media in Economic Mathematics courses to increase students’ Reliance. This research is a descriptive research with a quantitative approach that refers to the development steps by Borg & Gall's, including: (1) research analysis, needs assessment and proof of concept; (2) product planning and design; (3) preliminary product & development; (4) preliminary field testing; (5) product revision; (6) main field testing; (7) and the final product revision and dissemination. Data collection techniques used is through documentation, interviews, observation, and tests. Data analysis technique is done by descriptive analysis of quantitative and qualitative (mixing method). From the results of the research, the results obtained in the form of a set of learning in the form of the lesson plan, students’ worksheets and e-learning based media that fall into either category after validation by the material expert and media validator. The average score of the validator rating is 3.71 (lesson plan), 3.72 (students’ worksheets) and 3.35 (e-learning based media). Furthermore, the device that has been formed will be applied in the field that is on the mathematics of economics at fifth-semester students in the academic year 2017/2018 Mathematics Teaching Department of Universitasincrease student self-reliance.