Analysis of Science Process Skills of Students through Contextual Approach on Science-Chemistry Learning in Taiwan

  • C T Kurnianingsih Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • E Susilaningsih Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia


Chemistry is a science subject which studying the compositions, structures, and properties of the material. Learning chemistry is useful to improve students’skills, especially the students’science process skills. By the appropriate learning methods, models and approach, students will be able to improve both their concepts comprehension and science process skills. The objectives of this study were to analyze the percentage and profile of each indicator of students' science process skills through contextual approach combined with 5E learning cycle in learning Classification of Matter. This study used mixed methods which contain quantitative and qualitative data. The data were then obtained through students' observation sheet, questionnaire, and interview. The result of observation sheet as quantitative data showed that classically 21 of 24 students had good science process skills with a percentage of 87.5%, while the rest of the students had moderate science process skills with a percentage of 12.5%. Science process skills of students had good categories with the percentage of 85.49%, whereas the aspect of asking questions included to the moderate category with the percentage of 75.0%. Science process skills of students in chemistry science learning through contextual approach with a model of 5E learning cycle gained an average of good category. Therefore, the indicator of science process skills with the highest percentage was the observation aspect, while the lowest percentage was asking questions aspect. The result of questionnaire and interview as the qualitative data about learning process obtained positive responses from students. The students were not only fond of the learning methods but also pleased during the learning process. In short, the students of Tainan Municipal Yongkang Junior High School Taiwan have good science process skills.