Mathematics 3-D Textbook to Improve Mathematical Communication Ability Students

  • Sutrisno Sutrisno
  • Kartinah Kartinah
  • Dina Prasetyowati


This research aims to develop a 3-D junior mathematics textbook to improve students' valid mathematical communication ability. The development is done by using the ADDIE development model which consists of 5 steps: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. In this research, development is done only until Development step. Through the analysis and design step will be obtained by draft I. Then Development step validation is done by the experts using the material and media expert validation sheet, so that the suggestion is obtained to revise the draft I into draft II (expertly-validated learning device). In the development process, the product is validated by the expert, with the value for the material expert of 81% enter in very good category while for the media expert equal to 76,67% enter good category. Based on the results of the validation of experts, junior high school mathematics textbooks to improve students' mathematical communication abilty is a valid product and feasible to use