Author Guidelines


Economics Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang


General Requirements

  1. Articles submitted to the journal must be the results of community service activities
  2. Articles must have never been published, and not be in the accepted status to be published
  3. Articles must be typed with 1.5 space on A4 size paper, and use 12 pt of Times New Roman
  4. Articles are written in either Indonesian or English using scientific language
  5. Articles consist of 10-12 pages, including references and attachments.
  6. The authors should attach a statement as a proof that the writing is original and free from any form of plagiarism

Writing Guidelines

  1. Articles are typed using Times New Roman font with 12 font size and 1.5 space
  2. The title of the articles should not exceed 15 words
  3. The author’s identities should include at least complete name (no academic title), email address, and affiliation.
  4. Abstract is written in English or Indonesian. The abstract consists of 150-200 words containing problems, method, and conclusion.
  5. Keywords are written in Indonesian, and English (each should not exceed 5 words)



Introduction should contain:

1)  Facts underlying the community service

2) The objectives of the community service

3) The significances of the community servic



Problems should contain:

1)  Factual and actual problems, challenges, or community needs

2) Elaboration of the problems, challenges, or community primary needs in relation to the activity targets



Method should contain:

1) Elaboration of the method(s) used in the community service. The author may use one method or the combination of several kinds of method.

2) Location, time, and activity duration



The author should explain about and elaborate on:

1) Terminologies or models (for services, new skills, and socio-cultural manipulations),    dimension    and specifications    (for goods or tools) that become the output or main focus of the activity which are used as solutions given to communities, both directly and indirectly

2) Documentations relevant to the services or goods as the output or main focus of the community service activity (picture, table, graph, diagram, figure, etc.)

3) The level of difficulty in carrying out activities (training, mediation and consultation, education and advocacy), the production of goods, and its opportunities



1) state the achievement level of the activity targets in the field

2) state the accuracy or suitability between problems and needs/ challenges being faced with the applied method(s)

3) state the impacts and benefits of the activity

4) state recommendations for the future community service activities



References are written based on APA model (American Psychological Association). For example:

Ginting, Nurjaina. (2005). Teknologi Daur Ulang Limbah Cair. Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada University Press.

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