The purpose of this study is to recognize the difference of service  success level in volleyball between student of elite athlete  from Indonesian and Thailand on 11th  ASEAN School Games in 2019. The method used in this reasearch is quantitative with case study approach , the subjects are 48 student of elite athlete of Indonesia and Thailand. This research is using check list research instrument (observation method) and descriptive presentation for the data analysis technique. The reasearch shows that Indonesian man team, the attacked position is 6 position which is 154 (41,88%), jump service 178 (41,85%),  the Indonesian woman team , the attacked position is 6 position which is 115 (41,88%), floating service 123 (42,68%), Thailand man team , the attacked position is 5 position which is 135  (47,48%), jump floating service 257 (44,94%), Thailand woman team, the attacked position is 1 position which is 164 (52,13%),  jump floating service 323 (51,39%). Indonesian man team service recapitulation is 60,45%  with good category, Indonesian woman team is 48,08%  with adequate category, Thailand man team is 45,58%  with adequate category and Thailand woman team is 49,68%   with adewuate category. For the men team, Indonesian man team used more effective service, whereas for the women, Thailand woman team did. The conclusion from this reasearch is the most common service used by Indonesian and Thai team is 6 position with jump flosting service. Indonesian man team service is more effective, but for the women team, Thailand is.