Management at DPU Pati club is still not optimal due to the lack of human resources
of the management, the lack of complete facilities and infrastructure due to the lack
of budget funds, and the lack of training hours at the club so that it is still not
optimal in planning training programs. The purpose of this study was to determine
the mass, nursery, and achievements in coaching the achievements of volleyball in
the DPU Pati club in 2020. This type of qualitative research uses descriptive
methods. Data collection techniques using interviews, documentation, and
observation. The resource persons are 9 people consisting of 1 administrator, 2
coaches, and 6 athletes. Checking the validity of the data used triangulation of data
and sources. The data analysis technique used includes data reduction, data
presentation, and verification. The results of the research obtained information
that (1) the implementation of mass activities has been going well, because there is
a strategy of practice which is carried out directly through championships once a
year and friendly matches, (2) the nursery has been going well, because there is a
tiered and open age grouping, (3) the achievement is quite good, because every
time he participates in the championship, DPU Pati Club always brings home the
champion, even though he has not been able to defend the first winner.