The research problem is how to foster the achievements of badminton clubs in Kebumen Regency. The aim of this research is to know how the badminton club achievement development in Kebumen regency. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. Research sites in PB throughout Kebumen Regency. Source of data in this study 1) resource persons: administrators, coaches, athletes, and parents, 2) place: badminton sports hall. The data collection methods used were observation, interview and documentation. The data analysis used was descriptive analysis. The results of the study: 1) Organizational management by badminton club administrators throughout Kebumen Regency is quite good, can work well with club owners, administrators, coaches, athletes and athletes' parents 2) Facilities and infrastructure in clubs in Kebumen Regency are inadequate. 3) The existing PB trainers in Kebumen Regency are good, each PB trainer already has their own license. 4) Funding in PB in Kebumen Regency is good, comes from parents of students 5) Existing training in PB in Kebumen Regency is good enough, each PB has a structured and targeted training schedule, 6) Athletes There are quite a lot of participants in PB in Kebumen District, 7) The achievement in PB in Kebumen Regency is quite good at the Kebumen Regency level.