Parents are in charge of guiding and directing, so that interest arises in children, especially interest in being an elementary school Physical Education teacher. From this, the problem formulation was taken, namely how the magnitude of the variable (X) the influence of parents influenced the variable (Y) the interest in being a teacher in the 2016 UNNES class of PJSD Study Program students.

This research is a descriptive quantitative study with a survey method. The sample of this study amounted to 76 with details of 59 men and 17 women. The data collection technique used a questionnaire that was distributed online. The results of data collection were analyzed using a percentage descriptive approach. 

The results showed that there was a positive and significant effect as evidenced by the coefficient of determination of 64.2% and a significance value of 0.00. This shows that the influence of parents has an effect of 64.2% on the interest in becoming a teacher for students of the 2016 UNNES PJSD Study Program. 

It can be concluded that research on the influence of parents on interest in becoming a teacher in 2016 UNNES students of the PJSD Study Program has a positive effect of 64.2% and a significant of 0.00. Parents are expected to continue guiding and directing children in introducing the teaching profession, especially elementary Physical Education teachers. Because, from the support or attention given from the child's parents, they can develop their interest in becoming a Physical Education teacher.