The game of volleyball requires coordination of motion to perform all the movements that exist in the game bolavoli. This study aims to develop a basic volleyball technique learning module for grade VII students in Alian Subdistrict of Kebumen Regency and assess the feasibility level of the learning module before it is used as a learning medium. This research is R&D research with 4D development model. The development procedure used includes 4 stages, namely preliminary study, development, field trials and dissemination. This learning module was validated by 2 material experts, 1 media expert, then tested on 106 students consisting of SMP Ma'arif 2 Alian, SMP Negeri 1 Alian, MTSS Kaudlul Ulum, and SMP Negeri 2 Satu Atap Alian. The results showed that this learning module as a whole is worthy as a teaching material. This is indicated by the validation results performed by media experts are said to be very feasible with a percentage of 89.7%. According to materials experts, this learning module is feasible with a percentage of 86.5%. Based on the data analysis of field trial results obtained very feasible criteria with percentages of 92% and 85%. From these results, it can be concluded that the Basic Technical Learning Module of Volleyball is very feasible to be used as a learning medium in the subjects of Grade VII Junior High School Penjasorkes in Alian Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency.