Kuswandono Nurhandhika. 2021. Basic Engineering Skills and Physical Condition Survey on Men's Basketball Team 16-Year Age Group Grobogan Youth Spirit Club 2020. Physical Education Thesis Health And Recreation State University of Semarang. Aris Mulyono S. Pd., M. Pd.

Keywords : skill, technique, physical, basketball

The development of basketball achievement in Grobogan is relatively good when viewed from basketball championships between schools and other clubs, such as junior and high school regional sports week and regional championships. In this study, researchers were interested to know: 1) basic skill level of dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques in men's basketball athletes KU 16 youth spirit club grobogan 2) physical condition in men's basketball athletes KU 16 youth spirit club grobogan.

`           The research method uses quantitative descriptors with subjects of ku16 men's basketball athletes of the 2020 youth spirit club with survey methods test and measurement techniques to collect data.

Based on the results of the study known 1) the results of basic technique skills passing averaged a score of 23.67, the results of basic dribbling techniques obtained an average score of 23.30, that the results of basic shooting technique skills obtained an average score of 15.63. 2) The result of basic speed engineering skills (sprint 60m) obtained an average score of 3.33, the result of basic technique skills arm muscle strength (pull up) average obtained a score of 3.30. the result of physical condition skills abdominal muscle strength (sit up) averaged a score of 4.47. technical skills physical condition of limb muscle strength (vertical jump) obtained a score of 2.70. aerobic endurance physical condition skills results (medium distance running 1200m) averaged a score of 3.17. Advice for young spirit club athletes grobogan to continue to improve training both within the club and increase the hours of training outside the existing training schedule of the youth spirit club grobogan.