The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have had an impact in various sectors, one of which is the education sector. Physical education subject is one of the subjects affected by the situation in learning that is carried out remotely. For this reason, the problem of this research is how to manage theeducation learning process physicalin thepandemic situation Covid-19 in SMP Negeri / Equivalents in Karangkobar District, Banjarnegara Regency. The purpose of this study was to determine the management of thelearning process which includes planning, implementing and evaluating learning in thepandemic situation Physical EducationCovid-19. This research uses qualitative research with a descriptive approach. The results of his research were learning planning was carried out by making distance learning RPP (PJJ), implementing Physical Education learning was carried out in two ways, namely offline using student worksheet media (LK) and also online with the help of WhatsApp grub, and assessments were carried out in three ways. aspects, namely affective, cognitive and psychomotor aspects. The conclusion of this research is that physical education learning management in the Covid-19 situation in SMP Negeri / Equivalents in Karangkobar District, Banjarnegara Regency is good.