Sport hockey has andergone a lot of development recently. This was achieved by procuring championship both at the provincial level in central java and at the national level. Hockey Kebumen is one of the toughest teams in Central Java. The number of rows of accomplishments achieved by the hockey in Kebumen Regency both at the provincial and national levels certainly goes through a sports coaching process, factors that influence sports coaching include clear achievement development stages, quality human resources, training programs, adequate infrastructure and funding. The objectives of this study are determining (1) the stages of coaching (2) human resources (3) the training program (4) the hockey organization in Kebumen Regency (5) the facilities and infrastructures, and (6) the funding for sport of hockey in the Kebumen Regency.

            The research method used descriptive qualitative, which examines the development of achievement in the sport of hockey in Kebumen Regency. Data collection was carried out by observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis was performed by data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions, and making research reports.

The results of the research, namely (1) the coaching stage in Kebumen was good, starting from the mass activity stage, it was carried out from an early age, the athletes were properly nursed, and they had good achievements. (2) human resources ranging from athletes, coaches, administrators were good enough, (3) the training program that was following the objectives of performance development (4) the organization was structured but needs to be improved again on implementation (5) the facilities and infrastructures were sufficient to complete but for the field was not yet standard (6) and funding was obtained from the KONI Kebumen grant and athlete contributions.

Based on the results of this study, the researchers provided suggestions (1) to the Kebumen district hockey board to pay attention to the process of building achievement and communicate with coaches, athletes and monitor the course of the training process, (2) To coaches to always provide encouragement and motivation, and communicate with administrators and athletes in order to improve hockey achievement coaching in Kebumen, (3) To athletes to continue to be enthusiastic in training, and continue to improve the achievements of Kebumen hockey.