The development of communication and information technology has a great influence on the application of media as a means of learning activities, but these advances have not been used ideally in instructional learning in schools. This study aims to produce a variety of football visioning media products for class VIII Junior High School learning. This research is a Research and Development using the ADDIE (Analyze-Design-Development-Implement-Evaluate) learning design model. As subjects in this study, namely Physical Education Teachers and Students. The object of this research is the variation of soccer vision media for junior high school students. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire. The results of the research data in the form of quantitative data were analyzed descriptively quantitatively. The feasibility of video media was obtained through four stages with an average percentage: 1) material expert validation obtained 67.91%, 2) media expert validation obtained 94.37%, 3) corner teacher response obtained 88.15%, 4) student responses obtained 82.9%. The average total assessment of video media is 83.33% with a classification of "very good", so it can be concluded that the basic soccer technique video media for junior high school students is declared suitable for use by teachers in the process of delivering material.