The purpose of this study was to determine the level of basic basketball technical skills at the Dukun Basketballl Magelang Putra Club in 2021. This study used a descriptive quantitative method approach to describe or describe the data that had been collected as it was. The sample used in this study were all male participants of the Dukun Basketballl Magelang club totaling 20 players. Data collection techniques used are tests and measurements. The instrument used in this study used a test of basic technical skills to play basketball. The data analysis technique in this study includes three steps, namely: 1) preparation 2) tabulation 3) descriptive statistics. The results showed that the basic technical skill level of the Basketballl Magelang Dukun Club basketball was as follows: 2 players or 10% Very Good, 15 Players or 75% Good, and 3 players or 15% sufficient, 0 students or 0% Moderate, 0 students or 0% Poor, 0 students or 0% Less once and 0 students or 0% Poor