Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, except for physical education in Elementary Schools. Injuries to physical education can come from the material provided, the facilities and infracstructure used. As a prospective physical education teacher, the researcher wants to identify the injuries that occurred, in order to prevent them in the future, and the treatment that the Physical Education teacher will do if an injury occurs in Physical Education Learning.
This research method uses descriptive qualitative that is to explain the identification of injuries and the treatment carried out by physical education teachers in Physical Education learning at state Elementary Schools in Tengaran District. The method used is the interview method.
The results showed that cuts, bruises, and muscle cramps were the most common injuries. Then there are finting injuries, bleeding and dislocations that have occurred, the factors cousing these injuries are fatigue, body conditions that are not fit and have not had breakfast, and also due to the students negligence. For Strain, Sprain, and Fracture injuries, this injury has never been encountered. The handling carried out by the teacher is good. For handling in the event of a fatal injury, the teachers and school have also collaborated with hospitals, health centers ans sangkal putung.