Focus and Scope

Journal of Economic Education publishes articles of original researchs and conceptual studies economics teaching and learning. Topics covered include:

  1. Teacher education and quality; psychology, guidance and counselling
  2. Sustainability in education
  3. Supply of education: education quality, measurement and issues
  4. Regional, rural/urban and ethnic disparities in provision of education
  5. International flows of human capital and brain drain
  6. Incentives, education delivery and outcomes
  7. Higher education: responsiveness to the demands of society
  8. Entrepreneurship in education
  9. Enrolment/drop-out rates, completion rates, gender imbalance
  10. Economic education and teaching of economics
  11. Distance education, e-learning, blended learning
  12. Art education, social and cultural aspects
  13. Apprenticeships, training, skills upgrading; implementation, outcomes
  14. Administration and leadership in education
  15. Access to education; education costs; public vs. private financing