Entrepreneurial interest among students still become pertinent issues in lectures because it can support to become an independent individual. Independent individual mean students who graduated can do their own business when they cannot get a job. Entrepreneurial interest does not grow by itself but can influence by several factors. The implementation of entrepreneurship education. In this case, the entrepreneurship course certainly requires the involvement of students, so that it can understand that the participation of students in entrepreneurship courses is a process. The process cannot stand alone. Of course, there are inputs and outputs as a series.

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between determinants in entrepreneurial interests, namely personality, adversity intelligence, creativity and student involvement. This research uses a quantitative approach and path analysis. From the sample of 168 students, it found that the personality, adversity intelligence and creativity of each affected the involvement of students. Then the personality, involvement of students and creativity each affect the entrepreneurial interest. All variables in this study are in the high criteria in descriptive analysis. The results of the research may be to consider in conducting policies by related parties.