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The Development of Mathematical Literation Instruments Based on Class IV Geometry Material Conservation

Kakung Prasetyo, Masrukan Masrukan, Sunawan Sunawan

1-13 |

Development of Instrument For Academic Supervision The School Superintendents -Based CIPPO

Amhal Kaefahmi, Supriyadi Supriyadi, Agus Wahyudin

22-29 |

Development of Assessment Performance Materials Cylinder Students Grade IX SMP Adiwiyata-Based

Zelmy Adista Vembriliya, Muhammad Khumaedi, Masrukan Masrukan

30-38 |

The Analysis of Instrument of The Ability to Acting and Thinking Creatively Based Rasch Model

Suraji Suraji, Totok Sumaryanto, F.L, Muhammad Khumaedi

48-56 |

Development of Tolerance Attitude Assessment Instruments on Learning PPKn Based Android

Triyono Triyono, Sunarto Sunarto, Wahyu Lestari

65-72 |

Development of Test Instrument TIMSS Model to Measure Mathematical Ability VIII Grade Students

Nur Romdlon Maslahul Adi, Kartono Kartono, Endang Susilaningsih

73-83 |

Development of Assessment Instruments Mathematic Creative Thinking Ability on Junior High School Students

Krisna nur widiansah, Kartono Kartono, Ani Rusilowati

84-90 |