This issue has been available online since 26th September 2022. All articles in this issue (7 original research articles) were authored/co-authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Japan, Austria and Nigeria).


Analysis of Land Cover Change and Projection of Settlement Land in Sepaku District, North Penajam Paser Regency

Habil Sultan, Alfia Rahmalidya, Adia Wafa Shopura, Muhammad Roihan Akmal, Trida Ridho Fariz, Haryadi Haryadi, Fathia Lutfiananda

64-70 |

Effectiveness of Demonstration-Brainstorming on Student’s Performance in Agricultural Science

Abdulkadir Ibrahim Oba, Abdullahi Hussein Ahmed, A Suleiman

92-97 |

Development of Website-based Virtual Science Learning to Train Students' Critical Thinking Skills

Sinta Putrianingtyas, Novi Ratna Dewi, Resti Adriyani

78-91 |

Preparation and Characterization of Edible Straw Made from Dragon Fruit Peel to Solve The Problem of Plastic Waste

Melissa Salma Darmawan, Fitri Daeni, Tessa Surya Kurniawan, Prasetyo Listiaji

106-110 |