The development of communication and information technology has become an opportunity in the development of learning. Conventional learning is no longer effective in improving student learning outcomes. So it is important to apply technology integration as a medium and resources in a blended learning system.

This study aims to measure how effective the application of blended learning in improving the learning outcomes in hydrocarbon compound. Using quantitative methods, this research is experimental research. The research object was divided into control class and experimental class, data mining was carried out with test and questionnaire. The analysis technique uses N-Gain Score and One-sample T-Test with counting technique assisted by IBM SPSS Statistics 22.

The results showed that the application of blended learning to increase students' conceptual understanding in the category of "quite effective" with an increase in the percentage of concept understanding scores in the experimental class by 57.80% was far higher than the increase in the control class by 15.51%. Increasing the character development of students through blended learning is high. The lowest value (lower) is 3.6095 while the highest value (upper) is 3.6858 with an average value of 3.64 can be categorized as high.