Authentic Assessment of Fungi for Vocational School Student: Concept Map, Self Assessment and Performance Test

Ristiana Nugrahani, Andreas Priyono Budi Prasetyo, Retno Sri Iswari

10-24 |

Developing Guided Discovery Based Biology Teaching Material Supported by Pictorial Analysis

Febrina Icha Mahlail, Yustinus Ulung Anggraito, Sri Mulyani Endang Susilowati

25-35 |

Learning Cycle 7e Model - Based Multiple Representation to Reduce Misconseption of The Student on Heat Theme

Muhammad Irsyad, Suharto Linuwih, Wiyanto Wiyanto

45-52 |

Contribution of Assisted Inquiry Model of E-Module to Students Science Process Skill

Ardiyana Pratono, Sri Susilogati Sumarti, Nanik Wijayati

62-68 |

Application of a Pbl-Based Modules to Increase Critical Thinking Skills and Independence Learning

Bhakti Kharismawan, Sri Haryani, Murbangun Nuswowati

78-86 |

Development of Inquiry-Based Chemistry Laboratory Sheet Oriented to Green Chemistry for Improving the Science Process Skills

Ijtihad Sang Putra, Endang Susilaningsih, Sri Wardani

87-94 |

Identification of Misconceptions on Buffer Material Using Three-Tier Test in the Learning of Multiple Representation

Apriliana Drastisianti, Supartono Supartono, Nanik Wijayati, Endang Susilaningsih

95-100 |

Analysis Concepts Redox Using Multiple Representation Based Test Instrument with Computer Based Test (CBT) Model

Ella Izzatin Nada, Supartono Supartono, Sri Mursiti, Endang Susilaningsih

101-106 |

Identification of Students Basic Science Process Skills Assisted of Practical Worksheet Based on Multiple Representations

Resi Pratiwi, Sri Susilogati Sumarti, Endang Susilaningsih

107-113 |

The Development of Chemireligiousa Teaching Material Integrated with Character Education in Chemistry Learning of Hydrocarbon Material in SMK

Lis Setiyo Ningrum, Kasmadi Imam Supardi, Jumaeri Jumaeri, Sri Haryani

114-121 |

Analysis of Misconception on Solubility and Solubility Product Constant (Ksp) Using Three-Tier Multiple Choice Test

Nur Alawiyah, Endang Susilaningsih, Triastuti Sulistyaningsih

122-129 |