Movement Control Order on Legal and Social Aspects: Malaysian and Indonesian Government Initiatives During Covid-19

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Ahmad Zaharuddin Sani Ahmad Sabri
Roziya Abu
Nicholas Khoo Kim Seng
Rodiyah Rodiyah


The Covid-19 pandemic hit another grim milestone on as worldwide deaths from the disease exceeded 100,000. Many countries have enforced social distancing rules and even lockdowns in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. Malaysian Government, in almost daily bases proposed initiatives and efforts to uphold Malaysia social, economic and national stability. This article deliberates an analysis on social media sentiment index by topics mentions in Malaysian government. The Malaysian government Covid19 major initiative discuss within this article is the proposition to reopening selected business sectors during Movement Control Order (MCO). This analysis was conducted using Social Media Engagement Growth components such as likes, comments and shares. The social media platform mentions in this study include all mentions or discussion of the initiatives across all public social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums and blogs.

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Sabri, A. Z. S. A., Abu, R., Seng, N. K. K., & Rodiyah, R. (2020). Movement Control Order on Legal and Social Aspects: Malaysian and Indonesian Government Initiatives During Covid-19. Journal of Law and Legal Reform, 1(4), 563-576.
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