Journal of Physical Education and Sports <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Indonesian Version</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Journal of Physical Education and Sports</em> menerbitkan tulisan ilmiah hasil penelitian dan gagasan konseptual tentang pendidikan jasmani dan olahraga.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>English Version</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Journal of Physical Education and Sports publishes articles of original researchs and conceptual studies about physical education and sports.</p> en-US Journal of Physical Education and Sports 2252-648X The Role of Betengan and Gobak Sodor Traditional Games in Building Student’s Social Characters <p>This study discusses the role of <em>betengan</em> and <em>gobak sodor</em> traditional games that implemented as physical education learning materials in school to build student’s social characters, such as honesty, discipline, hard work, sportsmanship, communicative, cooperation, and responsibility. This study aims to analyze the differences of the characters that formed through both of these two traditional games as seen from the student’s gender. This study is a descriptive qualitative type of research. The data resource is 7<sup>th</sup>-grade students of Islamic Integrated Junior High School Ihsanul Fikri Magelang in the year of 2017/2018 in a total of 60 students. The subjects are ten male students, as well as ten female students. The result obtained in this research shows that all students can bring up the character indicators during playing <em>betengan</em> and <em>gobak sodor</em> games that implemented in PE learning process. The conclusion is that <em>betengan</em> and <em>gobak sodor</em> traditional games that implemented as a learning process in school can build student’s social characters if done continuously. In <em>betengan</em> game, the male student group is better in showing up honesty, discipline, and sportsmanship character. The female student group is better in showing up communicative, cooperation, and responsibility character. In the <em>gobak sodor</em> game, the male student group is better in showing up honesty, discipline, hard work, sportsmanship, communicative, and responsibility character.</p> Toni Suryo Febrianto Soekardi Soekardi Tri Rustiadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-07 2019-05-07 The Influence of Static and Dynamic Training Method and Eye-Hand Coordination Training Method toward the Float Serve Accuracy <p>This research aims to analyze: the effectivity difference between static target serving training method and dynamic target serving training method toward the float serve accuracy of the extracurricular volleyball students in Public Senior High School 3 Purwokerto. This research uses the experiment method along with factorial 2x2 design. The sampling method used is purposive sampling including ten female athletes and ten male athletes. The data analysis method used is Analysis of Variant (ANOVA) on the significance level (α) = 0.05. The variables of this research consist of two manipulative independent variables, namely static target serving training method and dynamic target serving training method, an attributive independent variable namely eye-hand coordination, and a dependent variable namely volleyball float serve accuracy. The results of the research are: the difference between static and dynamic target serving training method toward the float serve accuracy with the significance level of 0.001 and F<sub>value</sub> = 16.791 &gt; F<sub>table</sub> = 3.47. The difference between high eye-hand coordination ability and low eye-hand coordination ability toward float serve accuracy, with the significance level (α) = 0.000 and F<sub>value</sub> = 140.698 &gt; F<sub>table</sub> = 3.47. The interaction between serving training method (static and dynamic target) and eye-hand coordination (high and low), with the significance level (α) = 0.002 and F<sub>value</sub> = 13.442 &gt; F<sub>table</sub> = 3.47. This research concludes that there is significant influence between static and dynamic target serving training method toward float serve accuracy as well as high and low eye-hand coordination.</p> Fyea Mardiana Setya Rahayu Soekardi Soekardi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-09 2019-05-09 Development of Self-massage and Exercise Therapy in Knee Injuries <p>The purpose of this study is to produce a design product of self-massage and exercise therapy for handling knee injuries independently to help recover quickly and accurately so that they can return to sports activities comfortably. The research method used is Research and Development (R &amp; D). The trial subjects for product testing are Persik Kendal, soccer players. The steps of the study include objective analysis, literature review, analysis of research subject characteristics, product design development, initial product preparation, expert validation, product revision, small-scale trials, revisions, large-scale trials, final product improvements. Qualitative data analysis, assessed from the feasibility of the product. The results of this study are tutorial videos and self-massage, and exercise therapy manual for knee injuries. Both products are rated right by experts with an average of 90% and 70%. The product is also considered good by media experts on the video tutorial content. The results of the application of the product on the research subjects that the study subjects experienced a decrease in pain in knee injuries after performing self-massage, and exercise therapy through video media, and guidebooks. Research conclusions in the form of manual book products, and self-massage tutorial videos, and exercise therapy to deal with knee injuries effectively applied by sports people.</p> Slamet Riyadi Agung Wahyudi Tri Rustiadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-12 2019-05-12 Pedagogic Competence of Physical Education Teachers in The Implementation of Revision Curriculum 2013 in Public Elementary Schools <p>The study aims to determine pedagogic competence teachers’ implementation of curriculum 2013 on learning Physical Education in Public Elementary School Kartasura district, Sukoharjo regency. The research method used in the study is a qualitative descriptive method. The data collection technique of this study uses observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The subjects of this study were Public Elementary Schools INTI in Kartasura district, Sukoharjo regency competence of Physical Education teachers in Curriculum 2013 was already very good at 87.5%. Pedagogical competencies of Physical Education’s teachers in the implementation of learning Curriculum 2013 were 82.5%; the category is very good. The pedagogic competence Physical Education’s teachers in learning evaluation Curriculum 2013 is categorized very well 80.5%, barriers faced by teachers in the implementation of Curriculum 2013 in learning Physical Education, namely the lack of teacher understanding of changes in the structure of Curriculum 2013, assessment systems, curriculum documents not available yet and the ability of Information and Communication Technology to Physical Education teachers. The conclusion of this study is the pedagogical competence of teachers in the implementation of the revised curriculum 2013 on the learning of Physical Education at Public Elementary School, Kartasura district, Sukoharjo regency, has been going well.</p> Agus Wijanarko Siti Baitul Mukarromah Imam Santosa Ciptaning Wahyu W ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-12 2019-05-12 Analysis of Performance, Commitment, and Self-concept of Physical Education Teachers in Tanjung Pura-Langkat District <p>This study aims to analyze the Performance, Commitment, and Self-concept of Physical Education Teachers in Tanjung Pura-Langkat District. This research method uses qualitative methods with ethnographic design. Data collection techniques using interviews, observation, documentation, and questionnaires. The research subjects were 12 physical education teachers, consisting of 7 teachers who were not physically educated, and five teachers with a physical education background in Public Elementary School Tanjung Pura-Langkat District; secondary data are principals and coworkers. Data analysis techniques include data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions/verification. The results showed that the performance of physical education teachers in Public Elementary School Kecamatan Tanjung Pura-Langkat had not shown satisfactory results, motivated by factors educational backgrounds that are not in accordance with their fields that automatically hinder the performance of the teacher, the limitation of physical education teaching staff, which requires the school to take steps to use the services of a teacher with a background not physical education. Conclusion: research, performance, and self-concept of physical education teachers who have physical education background are better than physical education teachers who are not physically educated.</p> Fera Ratna Dewi Siagian Soegiyanto Soegiyanto Donny Wira Yudha Kusuma ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-26 2019-05-26 Effect of Exercise Methods and Eye-Hand Coordination on Forehand Drive Table Tennis Basic Technical Ability <p>This study was carried out based on the real problems. In fact, the training methods on extracurricular table tennis were still not optimal, due to the lack of training methods used, so that they were less effective without the targets obtained. The forehand drive technique is one of the basic techniques that is important in table tennis game. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of training methods and eye-hand coordination on basic engineering abilities. This study used an experimental method with Factorial Block 2x2 design. There is a significant difference between the results of the basic forehand technique of table tennis driveability training between students with high eye-hand coordination and students with low eye-hand coordination. Obtained an average value in the high eye-hand coordination group obtained 6.5 while the low eye-hand coordination obtained an average of 4.55, where F<sub>value</sub> = 8.582 with a significance of 0.006.&nbsp; It turned out that the significance value obtained was less than 0.05. Based on data analysis, it can be concluded that there is an interaction effect between the training method of returning ball bait and the level of eye-hand coordination to the basic forehand ability of a table tennis drive.</p> Jurit Tri Susetyorini Tandiyo Rahayu Setya Rahayu ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-26 2019-05-26 The Influence of Mental Imagery and Psychological Relaxation Toward Confidence and Anxiety on Pre Junior Rhythmic Athletes <p>The purpose of this study is to overcome the confidence and anxiety problems of rhythmic gymnastics beginners in Semarang city by using imagery and relaxation mental treatments. The research method applied in this research is quantitative research method using an experimental approach. The respondents were 16 athletes of pre-junior rhythmic gymnastics with&nbsp; 6-12 year age range. Manova (Multivariate Analysis of Variance) and SPSS 21 were used as the data analysis. The results of the overall study showed that there is a significant effect of mental imagery and relaxation psychology on confidence and reduce anxiety. There is a significant effect of mental imagery and relaxation psychology in improving an athlete's confidence. However, there is no mental influence of imagery and relaxation psychology toward the athlete's anxiety.</p> Farid Nurhuda Taufik Hidayah Taufik Hidayah Tommy Soenyoto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-26 2019-05-26 Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) on Increasing Athlete's Achievement in Tegal Regency <p>The objectives to be achieved through this research are: reviewing, analyzing and concluding planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling systems in the PBVSI management of Tegal Regency. This research is qualitative research with descriptive analysis approach, while the data collection method used by researchers is observation, interviews, and documentation. The conclusions of this study are &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PBVSI Tegal Regency has very good planning, because in its planning found five planning criteria in sports organizations, namely: clear who worked, what is done, when done, where it is done or carried out, and clearly how it was implemented. Besides, PBVSI Tegal Regency has carried out joint planning which is planned and decided together during deliberations and work meetings. Planning that is designed is not only a formality, because planning that is designed is mostly carried out; PBVSI Tegal Regency already has good organization, because it only fulfills four of the five criteria in organizing sports organizations namely have a complete manager, mechanism of activity, job description, and there are routine activities that are carried out (coaching activities, championships, meetings), but there has been no discussion of a meeting or deliberation at the beginning of the year. All management elements cooperate in completing tasks following the competencies in their respective fields; Implementation in coaching management at PBVSI in Tegal Regency is included in a good category, because it only finds three criteria from four categories in the implementation of sports organizations namely implement the program, program implementation, complete 5M (man, money, method materials, and machine). Because the implementation has not been able to obtain maximum achievements; Supervision in PBVSI management in Tegal Regency is included in the sufficient category because it only meets two of the four categories, namely reporting and evaluation, but there is no supervision and monitoring.</p> Hadi Warsito Sulaiman Sulaiman Fajar Awang Irawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-26 2019-05-26 The Effects of Hand-Eye Coordination on Basketball Passing at PublicSenior High School 1 Lasem <p>This study aimed to determine the skill ability of male students of basketball senior extracurricular at Public Senior High School 1 Lasem, through a training model used in passing the basketball and hand-eye coordination. This research is experimental research using a 2x2 factorial or design method. The population of the study was students of the Extracurricular Basketball, Public Senior High School 1 Lasem. Thesample is 20 students. This study is using ANOVA. The variables studied were the independent variable the level of high hand-eye coordination and the level of low hand-eye coordination. Independent variables manipulated are wall toss back and triangle pass training model. The results showed that overall passing skills in the group of students treated with triangle pass training method were better than the group of students who were treated with woll toss back training method. Based on the conclusions of the study results and the implications described above, suggestions are suggested as follows: physical education teachers, trainers, and sports coaches to develop learning methods that refer to the training method of passing skills, in addition to the training method must also consider hand-eye coordination.</p> Ardianto Sufyandi Sulaiman Sulaiman Soegiyanto Soegiyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-26 2019-05-26 Development of Eagle Eye as the Foul Service Detector at Service Circle in Sepak Takraw Game <p>The development of science and technology in sports plays an important role in the improvement of sports achievement in Indonesia. The use of media and application in sepak takraw is also essential in providing opportunities for athletes, referees, coaches, and officials to widen their knowledge related to the application of science and technology which support sepak takraw. This research is aimed to find out the design of eagle eye devices that detect foul service circle in sepak takraw game to facilitate the referee in making sure about errors or failures in service implementation and to provide evidence of violations committed by tekong. Knowing the effectiveness of eagle eye devices that detect foul service circle in the sepak takraw game developed. This research is development research. The procedures of product development include the analysis of the product to be developed, developing an initial product, expert validation and revision, small group trial and revision, large group trial, and final product. Data collection was carried out by using a questionnaire from expert evaluation as well as an observation on the field obtained from athletes, referees, coaches, and sepak takraw officials. The data analysis technique used was the descriptive percentage analysis. Based on the result of the research, the design of the eagle eye device is in the form of a webcam camera arranged with a tripod which connected via Bluetooth control to the eagle eye application on the laptop. Research on the effectiveness of eagle eye device, which was conducted by electronic experts obtained a mean score of 3.73 with “very good” category. Research from sepak takraw experts obtained a mean score of 3.45 with “good” category. Small group trials that have been carried out showed a result of “very good” category with a percentage of 98.3%. The result from large group trials reached the category of “very good” with a percentage of 98.6%. The conclusion of this research is product development of eagle eye detection of service foul in service circle can be used as a mean to help referee performance when leading sepak takraw match to provide evidence of violations during the match.</p> Putri Prastiwi Wulandari Sugiharto Sugiharto Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-27 2019-05-27