The objectiveof this study is to determine the implementation of constructivism learning throughsearch, solve, create, and shareto improve concept comprehension ability in limit function of XI graderswhich is effective with a valid and practical instrument and refers to the modified Plomp model. The concept comprehension ability testdatawere processed by using t-test, proportion z, sample t-test, regression, and Gain test. The results of learning instrument development are as follows: (1) The averageof syllabus is 4.38, Lesson Plan 4.42, book 3,98, Students’ Worksheet 4.35, and concept comprehension ability test4,00; (2) this learning is effective, it is marked by achieving: a) the concept comprehension ability of experiment class fulfillsthe Minimum Mastery Criteria, b) the disposition and activeness respectively have a positive effect on KPK, c) KPK experimental class with an average of 81.24 better than control class is 71.18, d) Increasing the experiment test class by 59%. Based on the validation results, it is obtained by a valid instrument and test results, it is obtained effective learning, then the objective of the development of the instrument is achieved.