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Mathematical Literacy Based On Student’s Self-Regulated Learning by Flipped Classroom with Whatsapp Module

Ahmad Faridh Ricky Fahmy, Sukestiyarno Sukestiyarno, Scolastika Mariani

125-132 |

Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability Viewed By Self-Esteem In Problem-Based Learning With Open Ended Approach

Intan Alfiani, Dwijanto Dwijanto, Adi Nur Cahyono

195-202 |

Mathematical Literacy Based On Entrepreneurial Character Students on Problem Based Learning Nuance of Mathematics In Context

Tyas Ayun Endramawati, Zaenuri Mastur, Scolastika Mariani

203-212 |

Mathematics Critical Thinking Ability Based on Student’s Cognitive Style in Whole Brain Teaching in Ethnomathematics

Uswatun Khasanah Dwi Rahayu, Zaenuri Zaenuri, Walid Walid

220-228 |

Students’ Mathematical Literacy Ability in Learning Using Rally Coach-Schoology Model with Diagnostic Assessment

Rizki Dian Pertiwi, Kartono Kartono, Wardono Wardono

236-247 |