Publish on June, 2021


The Tenth Grade Vocational Students' Mathematical Communication Patterns based on Personality Types

Maya Harsasi Harsasi, Yohanes Leonardus Sukestiyarno, Iwan Junaedi

10-17 |

Students' Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability in terms of Learning Styles and Gender in Problem Based Learning

Muhammad Rizqi, Hardi Suyitno, Dwijanto Dwijanto

24-34 |

Mathematical Literacy Ability Viewed by Students’ Mathematical Habits of Mind Using Quick on the Draw Model With SPUR Approach

Emiliana Elsa Jerau, Wardono Wardono, Nur Karomah Dwidayati

40-49 |

Mathematic Problem Solving Abilities Based on Students' Self-Efficacy By Mmp Learning The Mic Approach With Local Culture

Muhammad Fakqih Zubaedi, Masrukan Masrukan, Nur Karomah Dwidayati

58-64 |

Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability and Learner's Responsibility Character in Learning Cycle 7E with Scaffolding

Nanik Susilowati, Rochmad Rochmad, Ani Rusilowati

65-70 |

Jurnal The Ability to Complete Story Problems Reviewed from Van Hiele's Theory in Problem Based Learning

Ono Sudarsono, Awalya Awalya, Iwan Junaedi

77-83 |

The Implementation of Ttw With Mic Approach and Verbal Feedback Via Lms Toward the Mathematics Representation Based on Metacognition

Argi Ayu Sulistyani Kusumaningtyas, Kartono Kartono, Tri Sri Noor Asih

94-101 |

Mathematics Problem-Solving Skill Reviewed from Self-Regulated Learning of the Eleventh Graders

Novita Ayu Istiqomah, St. Budi Waluya, Isnarto Isnarto

108-114 |