Management of COVID-19 Infection and Midwifery Care of a Woman with Breast Cancer - A Case Report


Reyhan Aydın Doğan
Selma Hancıoğlu Aytaç


Breast cancer is among the common cancer types in women, with an incidence of 1/3000 in pregnancy. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected society but also heightened the risk of patients with underlying conditions, especially cancer victims. The prolongation of the treatment period complicates the process that entangles breast cancer patients. In this case, the follow-up period of the patient diagnosed with breast cancer in the third trimester of their second pregnancy was discussed. The frequency of follow-up during the postpartum COVID-19 period significantly decreased, and therefore, recurrence was experienced. Consequently, it is pertinent to support cancer patients during disasters and pandemics to help keep their physical and mental health. The patients should be guided in their public health follow-ups and the frequency of examinations. Also, midwife-assisted care should be provided during these follow-ups.


Author Biographies

Reyhan Aydın Doğan, Faculty of Health Sciences, Midwifery Department, Karabük University, Turkey

Scopus ID: 57193075664

Selma Hancıoğlu Aytaç, İstanbul-Fatih District Health Directorate, Sofular Family Health Center, Turkey


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Aydın Doğan, R., & Hancıoğlu Aytaç, S. (2022). Management of COVID-19 Infection and Midwifery Care of a Woman with Breast Cancer - A Case Report. Unnes Journal of Public Health, 11(1), 58-64.


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