Unnes Journal of Public Health https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph <p style="text-align: justify;">Unnes Journal of Public Health is published by Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) in cooperation with the Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts (Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI)). Unnes Journal of Public Health contains articles about health epidemiology, biostatistics, health administration, public health nutrition, environmental health, occupational health and safety, health promotion, reproductive health, maternal and child health, health management, health economics, traditional medicine/treatment for preventive or first aid purposes, public health law/ethics and other related health articles, especially in low-income and middle-income countries. The journal can be used by health practitioners, health caregivers, teachers, students, and people who interested in health issues.</p> Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) in cooperation with Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts (Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI)) en-US Unnes Journal of Public Health 2252-6781 Factors Related to Data Uses of Maternal Child Health Handbook by Midwives https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/38408 <p>MCH (Maternal Child Health) handbook records the main data that can be used to prevent the mortality of infant, under-five, and maternal. Midwives are one of the health workers that use this handbook. &nbsp;This study investigated factors related to data uses of the MCH handbook, from individual factors, organization, and operational techniques. This study conducted by the quantitative approach in a cross sectional-survey with a structured questionnaire. 31 village midwives sample in Active Alert Village in Temanggung district elected randomly. Tabulation is used to present descriptive data. Inferential analysis by Pearson product-moment. This study shows the used rate of MCH Handbook data is 78.54%. It is indicated that there are significant relationships on all individual factors by observing the percentage index mean score which is above 70%. &nbsp;Based on the result, there are significant relationships of data needs perception, data filling skill, motivation, attitudes of midwives and availability of facilities (p &lt; 0,05) toward the uses of MCH handbook data. &nbsp;The individual factors is the mainly factor that determined in the use of data in MCH handbook, so it needs efforts to improve data utilization by increasing the perception of data requirement, data filling skills, motivation and midwife attitudes.</p> Yudhy Dharmawan Atha Rifqia Pradana Sri Winarni ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-27 2021-03-27 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.38408 Health Policy Challenge for Breast Cancer Prevention in Mental Retardation: A Case Report https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/40692 <p>Breast cancer early diagnosis increases treatment chances, and self-examination is one of the commonest screening methods enployed by women. The case of a&nbsp;24-year-old Iranian woman with a history of mild mental retardation and chest pain was reported. A large lump was detected in the breast during visitation to the surgical clinic. The parents stated the lump was&nbsp; noticed due to a shape change in the clothes covering the patient's chest area. Therefore, the patient had mastectomy surgery after a biopsy and a malignant breast lump was confirmed. The registration and identification of people with mental disorder histories or various mental retardation degrees in each region's health centers to periodically assess their breast health tends to reduce the risk of late breast cancer detection in women.</p> Hojjat Torkmandi Akbar Pourrahimi Mahnaz Keshavarz Afshar Sanaz Fayazi Mohammad Abdi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-27 2021-03-27 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.40692 Knowledge of Tuberculosis among Tuberculosis Patients Attending Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/40621 <p><em>Tuberculosis (TB) constitutes a significant and major public health emergency globally. </em><em>Despite the downward trend in the incidence and prevalence of TB, every continent still reports new cases, especially Africa and south-east Asia (WHO, 2012). This study investigated the knowledge of tuberculosis (TB) among tuberculosis patients attending Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Ondo State Nigeria. The study seeks to: investigate the knowledge of signs and symptoms;</em> <em>mode of transmission</em><em> of TB.</em></p> <p><em>A descriptive research design of survey type was adopted in this study. The population for this study comprised all tuberculosis patients attending Federal Medical Centre Ondo State. </em></p> <p><em>Multistage sampling procedure was used to select one hundred and fifty-one (151) a researcher’s designed closed-ended questionnaire was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by experts with reliability ascertained. The data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis of Cronbach alpha and a correlation coefficient of 0.76 was obtained. The findings reveals that: Tuberculosis patients have knowledge of signs and symptoms of TB, Tuberculosis patients have knowledge of mode of transmission of TB </em></p> <p><em>Therefore, the study concluded that tuberculosis patients have knowledge of mode of transmission, signs and symptoms of TB. Therefore, it is recommended that the knowledge of mode of transmission and symptoms of TB should be sustained among the patients. </em></p> Seun Nurudeen Akorede Ayodotun Edward Ajayi Peter Oluwatimilehin Tawose ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-27 2021-03-27 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.40621 Does Health Insurance Affect the Completeness of Antenatal Care? https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/38096 <p>Antenatal care as an effort to reduce maternal mortality has not shown encouraging progress. The study aimed to analyze the effect of health insurance on the completeness of antenatal care in Indonesia. Data was processed from the 2017 Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey. With the unit of analysis for women aged 15-49 years old, a sample size of 15,351 women was obtained. Besides antenatal care as the dependent variable, other variables analyzed were health insurance, place of residence, age group, marital status, education level, parity, and wealth status. Determination of the effect of health insurance using Binary Logistic Regression. The results found that based on the complete category of antenatal care visits, both categories of ownership of health insurance were dominated by women who did antenatal care visits ≥ 4 visits. Results of binary logistic regression of antenatal care among childbearing age women who gave birth in the last five years in Indonesia. It appears that ownership of health insurance affects the completeness of antenatal care. Women who were covered by health insurance were 1.394 times higher than women who were not covered by health insurance for antenatal care ≥ 4 visits (OR 1.394; 95% CI 1.257-1.546). Other variables that were known to be determinant along with health insurance are age group, education level, parity, and wealth status. It could be concluded that health insurance makes Indonesian women have a better possibility to do complete antenatal care ≥ 4 visits.</p> Ratna Dwi Wulandari Agung Dwi Laksono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-05-23 2021-05-23 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.38096 Online Affirmation and Peer Support are Effective for Reducing Medical Personel Stress in Dealing with Covid-19 Patients https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/42861 <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 8.0pt; font-family: 'Calisto MT',serif;">The Covid-19 outbreak has psychological impacts for medical personnel who dealing in the frontline will be at risk. We aimed to evaluate the effect of online affirmations and peer support on the stress level of medical personelin dealing with Covid-19 patients. We also investigate the influence of social support and spiritual intelligence on the stress that occurs. This was a quasi-experimental with pre and post-test with Control Group administered to 25 medical personelas the intervention group and 30 medical personelas the control groups participated. The intervention was carried out using the Whastapp group for 4 weeks. The results of the stress level pair T-test obtained in the intervention group with p = 0,000, in the control group p = 0,238. For the independent T-test results obtained p = 0,009. Social Support did not affect medical personel’s&nbsp;stress (p=0,978) while spiritual intelligence had&nbsp;a significant effect (p=0,000). The results of the multiple regression test with the enter method we got the coefficient value (R2) = 0,584. The conclusion of this intervention was effective in helping medical personelmanage stress. Hospital managers need to carry out stress management training to maintain the mental health of medical personel.</span></p> Nurmukaromatis Saleha Rina Delfina Nurlaili Nurlaili Fourni Ardiansyah Mercy Nafratilova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-03 2021-06-03 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.42861 Patient Perceptions Toward the Changes in Outpatient Oncology Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/46755 <p>COVID-19 crisis has posed an enormous challenge for all healthcare services, including oncology service. This study aimed to describe the cancer patients’ knowledge and perceptions on COVID-19 pandemic on the quality of oncology service during the pandemic. Outpatient cancer patients were given a questionnaire to qualitatively assess their perceptions toward the changes in chemotherapy and radiotherapy service that took place in response to the pandemic. The significant majority of the 230 participants of this study were knowledgeable about the COVID-19 pandemic and claimed to sufficiently practiced preventive measures. Their main source of information was the television and internet. Despite being worried about getting infected by the COVID-19, less than 15% of the respondents thought to stop or delay outpatient visits. Overall, the changes in oncology service were well-received by the patients and they trust the health care workers in maintaining their safety. The delivery of oncology services in out institution remains consistent despite several alterations in hospital policies. The use personal protective equipment both by the health care workers and patients proved to be an important factor in reducing anxiety during hospital visits. Policy makers should fully utilize the internet and associated mobile applications as an education tool.</p> Yan Wisnu Prajoko Tommy Supit Mahalul Azam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-05 2021-06-05 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.46755 Challenges and support to access and retention in HIV care continuum of female sex workers living with HIV in Indonesia: A mixed-method study https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/40037 <p>This study describes the experience of female sex workers (FSWs) living with HIV in Indonesia during the care and treatment cascade of HIV, along with the challenges and support associated with them. It was a community-led study initiated by trained community researchers from OPSI, a national network for FSW community in Indonesia. This study applied a mixed-method design consisted of a cross-sectional survey and a series of qualitative interviews conducted in four large cities in Indonesia during May and June 2019. Quantitative data were collected from 80 FSWs living with HIV recruited with convenience sampling method through the OPSI partner network in each city. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 9 FSWs previously involved in the quantitative survey, chosen based on their performance characteristics in treatment. We found that amidst assumption that FSWs are generally reluctant to access health facilities due to their susceptibility to stigma and discrimination, this study found that most FSWs with HIV-positive status were diagnosed in healthcare facility-based HIV testing service. Although most of them have delayed starting their treatment, a majority of FSWs diagnosed with HIV eventually started their treatment. FSW retention in treatment was fairly good, although there were some FSWs who were inconsistently treated or eventually discontinued their treatment. However, the proportion of individuals having access to drug monitoring with viral load test was still low, leading to a small proportion of those confirming their antiretroviral (ARV) treatment success. Interventions directed to strengthen the literacy of FSWs living with HIV in HIV treatment and stigma management is crucial. Identification of as many potential support systems as possible around the FSWs are also essential.</p> Lia Andriyani Asti Widihastuti Adi Nugroho ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-13 2021-06-13 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.40037 Nutrition Education with Leaflet and Application on Nutritional Status Changes in Obesity https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/43150 <p>Obesity is a condition of excessive fat in the body due to much energy consumption compared to the energy expenditure. In Indonesia, the prevalence of obesity in women &gt;18 years is 32.9%. Interventions can be done with control eating and increase physical activity through an educational approach. A Leaflet is a print media in the sheet of paper containing some information. While my weight loss diet application is an application used by people who want to loss weight. This study aims to determine the effect of nutritional education with leaflet media and my weight loss diet application on changes of nutritional status in college students with obesity. The design used true experimental with pre and post test group design on female students with obesity in Universitas Brawijaya (n= 44) chosen by purposive sampling with Independent Samples Test and Mann whitney analysis. The results showed a decrease of body mass index in both media but there was no significant change related to BMI (p = 0,733). However, the decrease of BMI was more shown on the leaflet media intervention. While at the body fat percentage, there was a significant change (p = 0.000) that is a decrease on leaflet. Hence, intervention using leaflet is more effective on changes of nutritional status related with BMI and body fat percentage in college students with obesity.</p> Diah Puspa Dian Handayani Inggita Kusumastuty ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-13 2021-06-13 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.43150 Type D Personality and Essential Hypertension in Primary Healthcare Center: A Case-Control Study in Semarang City, Indonesia https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/46917 <p>Type D personality is defined as the result of the interaction between negative affectivity (NA) and social inhibition (SI). Hypertension was the disease with highest cases in primary healthcare center (PHC) compared to other non-communicable diseases in Semarang City. The aim of this study was to determine the role of type D personality on essential hypertension. It was case-control study with 139 cases and 139 controls among 18-60 years old patients consulting at PHC in Semarang City from January 2020 to March 2021. Sample collection was done by simple random sampling. The instruments were DS-14 scale, structured questionnaire IPAQ-SF, food frequency questionnaire, and The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.&nbsp; Data were analyzed using logistic regression. The prevalence of type D personality in the case group (64%; 95%CI: 55.9%-72.1%) was higher than in the control group (36.7%; 95%CI: 28.7%-44.7%). Type D personality was significantly associated with essential hypertension (OR: 3.07; 95%CI: 1.83-5.16). Even after adjusting for other covariates, the association was still statistically significant (AdjOR: 2.41; 1.32-4.41). Type D personality is found to be significantly associated with essential hypertension.</p> Lukman Fauzi RR. Sri Ratna Rahayu Lindra Anggorowati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-14 2021-06-14 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.46917 Integrated Health Education (IHE) Methods: An Impact on Tuberculosis Health Education for the Sub-district of Sumowono Society, Indonesia https://journal.unnes.ac.id/sju/index.php/ujph/article/view/46864 <p>Case finding of Tuberculosis (TB) in Semarang Regency is still in the low category. Community empowerment is needed to assist in the handling and determination of TB cases. The IHE (Integrated Health Education) method as a method of health education was developed through counseling and training to support community empowerment. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect and effectiveness of the IHE method on the knowledge and attitudes of <em>Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga</em> (Empowerment of Family Welfare; PPK) members regarding TB disease. This study used a quasi-experimental one-group pretest-postest. The sample in this study was 25 active members of PKK in the Sumowono sub-district. Data were analyzed using the Wilcoxon test and N-Gran Score. The results showed an effect of the IHE method on the knowledge (p = 0.034) and attitudes (p = 0.029) of PKK members about TB disease. The IHE method effectively improved the attitudes of PKK members towards TB disease (mean: 61.43%). There was an increase in the knowledge and attitudes of PKK mothers about TB disease through health education using the IHE method. The development in this method is needed to be applied as a method of health education in various other diseases.</p> Sri Ratna Rahayu, M.D., Ph.D. Lukman Fauzi, M.P.H. Ngakan Putu Djaja Semadi, M.D., M.Kes. Nisrina Dwi Rizqi, S.K.M. Anggit Aprindrian Prehamukti, S.K.M. Susanti Lestari, S.K.M. Hima Sakina Firdhausy, S.K.M., M.K.M. Aufiena Nur Ayu Merzistya, S.K.M. Amelia Fitra Khasanah, M.D. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-14 2021-06-14 10 2 10.15294/ujph.v10i2.46864