Effectiveness of Prop Assignment on The Ability to Analyze and Present Data to Sman 9 Semarang Students

  • Nusrotun Fajriyah Student
  • Eling Purwantoyo Department of Biology, Biology Education Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, State University of Semarang


This research aims to analyze the effectiveness of the assignment of props to the ability to analyze and present data to students of SMA Negeri 9 Semarang .This research design uses pre-experimental with one group pretest posttest design. The research population is all students of class XI MIPA SMA Negeri 9 Semarang. Sampling techniques using purposive sampling i.e. class XI MIPA 5, XI MIPA 6 and XI MIPA 7 as experimental classes without control classes, pretest and posttest values are analyzed using N-gain tests and wilcoxon tests. The results showed an increase in class XI MIPA 5 with N-Gain 1.73 percentage of classical completion reached 80.00% (KKM ≥75), class XI MIPA 6 with n-gain 1.63 by 88.24% pass KKM and class XI MIPA 7 with ¬N-Gain 1.50 by 75.00% pass KKM. The wilcoxon test showed that there was a significant difference in students' analytical ability between before and after learning with the assignment of props in the experimental class with Ha received, namely Sig grades. 0.000 or <0.05. The results of the ability analysis presenting data to students throughout the experimental class are on high criteria. All data obtained can be used as a reference that the assignment of props is effective to improve the ability to analyze and present data to students