The Effectiveness of Web-Based Comic Media to Train Students' Creative Thinking Skills in Learning Immune System Materials

  • Anes Abdatul Aziz Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Wiwi Isnaeni Biology Department, Mathematics and Science Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of web-based immune system comic
media that has been previously developed through a development research process. This
research is a pre-experimental study with typesone group pretest-posttest design. The sample of
this research was students of class XI MIPA 1, XI MIPA 5, and XI MIPA 6 in one of the high
schools in Purworejo. The sampling technique that was adopted in this research was cluster
random sampling, involving 107 students as the total sample. In this study the learning process
of the immune system material held by using web-based immune system comic media. The
research data is in the form of students' creative thinking skills, types of activities in comics and
their benefits for practicing creative thinking skills, and data on the implementation of teaching
and learning processes. The data collection method was carried out by giving students formative
tests (comic gap questions and description questions), observation sheets, and student response
questionnaires. Descriptive qualitative method was used to analyze to obtained data. The
research results show that creative thinking skills (could be known from the N-gain score).
Student those who achieved moderate and high N-gain categories were 83% and 14%
respectively (3% of students achieved low N-gain categories). The classical completeness level is
87.8%. This shows > 75% of students have achieved KKM (with good category). Based on the
results of observing the learning process using comics, the information showed that the learning
process that was carried out was useful to train creative thinking skills on students and the
teaching and learning process can be carried out according to the RPP. The conclusion of this
research is that web-based immune system comic media is effective for training students' creative
thinking skills.