About the Journal

Ikatan Penulis Mahasiswa Hukum Indonesia Law Journal starting in 2024 migrates from OJS 2 to OJS 3 to better secure from various unwanted things, including journal hacking and so on. To submit, the author please visit the new website page of our journal at the link https://journal.unnes.ac.id/journals/ipmhi


Ikatan Penulis Mahasiswa Hukum Indonesia Law Journal (IPMHI Law Journal) (ISSN Print 2797-8508 ISSN Online 2807-8330) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published biannually by the Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) Indonesia in collaboration with the Ikatan Penulis Mahasiswa Hukum Indonesia (Indonesian Law Student Writers Association). This globally-minded journal, utilizing the Open Access Journal System, seeks to provide a unique platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research and conceptual articles within the expansive realm of law. Published every January and July, IPMHI Law Journal invites and publishes manuscripts in both Indonesian and English, reinforcing its commitment to fostering a diverse and global readership. The journal covers a wide range of fields in contemporary law, including but not limited to Criminal Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, State Administrative Law, International Law, Procedural Law, Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Law, Islamic Law, Customary Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, Comparative Law, Law and Society, Immigration Law, Law of the Sea, Law and Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, Insurance Law, Mining Law, Law and Policy, Constitutional Law, and various other fields of law. With its global perspective and commitment to inclusivity, IPMHI Law Journal stands as a distinctive publication providing a comprehensive platform for legal scholarship, encouraging cross-cultural dialogues, and fostering a deeper understanding of law in both Indonesian and international contexts.

Regarding the paperless policy at our institution, we do not provide printed journals and or any documents in print. All documents will be provided online. If the author wants the printed version of the journal and the certificate of authorship, please contact our editor (a charge will be applied). IPMHI Law Journal is committed to providing the best articles related to the field of law and or related studies that contribute both nationally and internationally. IPMHI Law Journal provides an opportunity for anyone, whether students, lecturers, researchers, or legal practitioners, to send their best manuscript to the Journal. IPMHI Law Journal accepts manuscripts throughout the year, and there is a deadline (specific time) for receipt of manuscripts except for certain topics. IPMHI Law Journal also welcomes opportunities for cooperation in publishing the results of Seminars and Conferences in Special or Regular Issues; for further information, please contact the editor by email.