Developing Common Expressions Book in Indonesian Traditional Market in Three Languages (English-Indonesian-Mandarin)

Amalia Yahya(1), Husnaini Husnaini(2), Nur Inayah Wulandari Putri(3),

(1) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo, Indonesia
(2) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo, Indonesia
(3) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo, Indonesia


This research is intended to develop a common expressions book for Indonesian traditional market in three languages (Indonesian-English-Mandarin). The purpose of this book is to assist the local sellers and foreign buyers to communicate in the process of buying and selling daily needs. The elements of this book are phonetics symbols to assist the readers in pronunciation, vocabularies to enrich the readers words, expressions to be used in the sellers and buyer conversation and example of conversation to help the readers how to use both vocabularies and expressions in their speaking when buying and selling daily needs. This research applied Research and Development research by applying ADDIE model. The need analysis was done by interviewing some sellers and buyer in traditional market. Based on the data gathered, the researcher design the product by determining the components of the book. To accommodate the communication needs of the buyers and sellers, the book provides vocabularies, expressions and example for conversation in three languages (English, Indonesian and Mandarin). The three validators validated the product, namely language expert by the certified mandarin translator and lecturer of English Language Teaching, material expert and design expert. The product was tried out in three traditional markets in Morowali because these markets are located around the industrial area where the foreign workers live. The output in this research is a book that can be used by the local sellers and foreign buyers in Indonesian traditional market.


common expressions, three languages, traditional markets

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