Adobe Flash-Based Interactive Media Development on Social Studies Learning Outcomes Class IV

Rizky Mega Lestari, Arini Estiastuti


This study was motivated by the use of technology-based learning media that was not optimal, thus resulting in low social
studies learning outcomes. This study aims to develop interactive learning media based on Adobe Flash with the NHT
model on social studies learning outcomes. This study used a quantitative approach with the type of research and
development (R&D). The subjects of this study were 20 students in grade IV at SDN Bumiharjo 2 Demak. Observations,
Interviews, questionnaires, tests, and documentation were carried out to collect the data. Data analysis was conducted by
a feasibility test and media effectiveness test. The results showed that Adobe Flash-based interactive media is feasible to
be used with the assessment of media experts and material experts obtained percentages of 100% and 96.8%. This media
is effectively used based on the results of the t-test showed tcount (5.690) > ttable (2.024), then Ha is accepted, while the
average increase (n-gain) from the initial test to the final test was 0.60 with moderate criteria. The conclusion of this study
is that Adobe Flash-based interactive learning media with the NHT model is feasible and effective to use in social studies
learning for class IV.
Keywords: Adobe Flash-based interactive media, learning outcomes. social studies


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