The Effectiveness of the Microsoft Sway Assisted Discovery Learning Model

Nuni Afnyya, Novi Setyasto


This study aims to test the effectiveness of the Discovery Learning model assisted by Microsoft Sway on PPKn learning
outcomes and to describe students in PPKn learning. This type of research is a quasi experimental design with
nonequivalent control group design. The population of this study were fourth grade students of Gugus Wahidin, Grabag
District and the samples were fourth grade students of SDN Pesidi as the experimental class and fourth grade students of
SDN Ketawang 02 as the control class using cluster random sampling technique. Data collection using tests, observation,
and documentation. The learning outcomes test used in the form of a pretest and posttest in the form of multiple choices.
The data analysis used was hypothesis testing, gain test, and descriptive analysis. The results showed that the experimental
class was 77% higher than the control class, namely 64%. The conclusion of this research is that the Discovery Learning
model assisted by Microsoft Sway which is used in PPKn learning material forms of socio-cultural diversity in Indonesia
can improve learning outcomes. so as to develop student social interactions that include aspects of cooperation,
communicative, and solidarity.
Keywords: Discovery Learning; Microsoft Sways; PPKn


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Full Text: PDF

DOI: 10.15294/est.v5i2.33839


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