The Development of ARCS-Based Economic E-Book Media for Senior High School

Kartika Yunita Saputri, Sigit Santoso, Aniek Hindrayani


This study aimed to determine the appropriateness of ARCS-based economic e-books on international trade material in the class XI IPS of Senior High School in terms of experts' assessments and students' responses to e-book products developed. This study used the Borg & Gall development model which was modified into 10 stages, namely: 1) research and information gathering; 2) planning; 3) early e-book product development; 4) initial trials; 5) revision I; 6) main trials; 7) revision II; 8) operational trials; 9) revision III; 10) dissemination. The research was conducted in class XI of Senior High School in Surakarta. Data collection methods in this study used validation sheets and questionnaire sheets which were analyzed descriptively. The results showed the feasibility of an economic e-book based on ARCS qualified "very feasible" for the media aspect with a percentage of 93,75% and the material aspect with a percentage of 88,09% according to experts, and linguist with a percentage of 100% and received a positive response from students with a percentage of 76,11%.


ARCS Model; Economic E-book; Senior High School



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