Conference Publication Collaboration

JEJAK has collaborated with the following conference to publish some selected paper after peer-review process:

  1. The 1st International Conference on Economics, Education Business and Accounting (ICEEBA) (Semarang, 18th-4th September 2016) (
  2. The 1st International Conference of Banking, Accounting, Management and Economics (The 1st ICOBAME) (Magelang, 25th, 26th & 27th October 2016) (
  3. International Conference on Accounting, Management, Economics and Social Sciences (ICAMESS) (Bandung, 20th May 2017) (
  4. The 1st Asia Pacific Management Research Conference (APMRC) (Lombok, 8th-10th November 2017) (
  5. Seminar Nasional & Call for Papers 2017-ISEI Semarang (Semarang, 10th October 2017) (
  6. International Conference on Economics, Business, and Economic Education Science 2018 (1Semarang, 7 – 18 July 2018) (
  7. The first International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA) (Padang, 2nd – 3th  July 2018) (
  8. International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprise Empowerment (ICSMEE) (Surakarta, 11th October 2018) (
  9. The 4th Annual International Conference on Economic in Developing Countries (AICEDC) (Jember, 5th-6th October 2018) (
  10. The 2nd Padang International Conference On Education, Economics, Business And Accounting (THE 2nd PICEEBA 2018) (Padang, 24th – 25th November 2018) (