Achieving Sustainable Performance in the Hospitality Industry based on Environmental Management, Pro-Environmental Behavior and Green Marketing Mix 7P

Bambang Hengky Rainanto


Tourism is undeniable can grow the economy of a country. However, if not managed properly, tourism also has negative impacts that must be watched out for. The object of this study was General Managers or Hotel Managers in East Java Province, Indonesia with 228 respondents. This research is important because the tourism sector is an effective sector to increase foreign exchange for the province of East Java. This study aims to develop a relationship model between the Environmental Management System (EMS), Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEB), and the Green Marketing Mix 7 P’s (GMM 7P’s) as a mediator to achieve Sustainable Industrial Performance (SIP) with 17 hypotheses. The research uses quantitative methods, data collection through surveys and processing using SmartPLS 3. The results of the study found 14 hypotheses were accepted, while three hypotheses were rejected. The results of the study show that EMS implementation has a significant relationship with economic and social performance but has no relationship with environmental performance. PEB directly has a significant relationship with environmental performance but not with economic and social. GMM has a significant relationship with the three SIP elements. GMM is also a suitable partial mediator for EMS and PEB to achieve SIP.


Green Marketing Mix 7p’S, Environmental Management System, Pro-Environmental Behavior, Sustainable Performance

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