Life Science is a journal that reviews research results in the field of biology. National electronic journal that publishes scientific articles from the results of biological research. 

Published scientific articles related to the fields of botany, zoology, environment, biotechnology, and the application of research results in the field of biology.

Life Science was first published in 2012 and published in April and October. Starting from Volume 1 (1), June 2012 under the name Unnes Journal of Life Science. Then starting volume 5 (1), August 2016, using the name Life Science. This journal accepts articles in Indonesian and English.

Support file archive:

For public:

1. Guidelines for Writing Articles ( Download )

2. Article Templates ( Download )


Especially for Biology Students of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNNES:

1. Article Free Procedure ( Download )

2. Certificate TA2 ( Download )

3. Manuscript Review Form ( Download )

4. UJLS Copyright Transfer Form ( Download )

5. Article Validation Page ( Download )

6. Statement Letter Published in Journals Other Than Life Science ( Download )

7. Article Receipt / Free Article ( Download )