The Mainstreaming of the Concept of Legal Protection for Child Labor in Indonesia based on ILO Conventions

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Asyaffa Ridzqi Amandha
Paundria Dwijo Hapsari
Muhammad Akmal Rizki Rivaldi
Bagus Adi Saputro
Anisa Cahyani
Ridwan Arifin


One of the child problems that must receive special attention is the issue of child labor. This issue has become global because so many children around the world are already working at school age. In reality, the issue of child labor is not just an issue of children carrying out work for wages but is closely related to exploitation, hazardous work, obstructed access to education, and hampering children's physical, psychological and social development. Even in certain cases and forms of child labor has been entered as a qualification for children who work in the most intolerable form of child labor. This study aims to analyze, identify and compare the concept of legal protection for children based on the ILO Conventions on Child Labor. The method used in this research is a normative legal study. This method is used to analyze and compare several legal protection practices for child labor in the context of Indonesian law with international law: the ILO Conventions on Child Labor. This study uses a comparative law study approach and a statute approach. The location of this research is not done through field research but through literature review and document study. Supporting data in this study were also obtained from various data on the internet and printed sources. This research was submitted through the DIPA Student Research grant scheme, Faculty of Law, Semarang State University in 2022.

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Amandha, A. R., Hapsari, P. D., Rivaldi, M. A. R., Saputro, B. A., Cahyani, A., & Arifin, R. (2022). The Mainstreaming of the Concept of Legal Protection for Child Labor in Indonesia based on ILO Conventions. The Indonesian Journal of International Clinical Legal Education, 4(3).
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