The industrial revolution 4.0 had a significant influence in various sectors, including the law enforcement sector. Law enforcement, legal aid, legal services and advocacy in the industrial revolution 4.0 era have their own characteristics of challenges. This edition of the Indonesian Journal of Advocacy and Legal Services raises the theme of Legal Services and Advocacy in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the hope of providing a new picture, discourse, and treasury in the provision of services and legal assistance, advocacy and community assistance. This edition is filled with various papers on topics related to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 from various institutions in Indonesia. For example, a paper relating to the Advanced Training of Intellectual Property Documents of Industrial Designs for the Goyor Sarong Craftsman in Pemalang District, looks at how in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 the copyright management of MSMEs became very important. Other papers, relating to providing assistance and legal education in preventing the circulation of illegal drugs in the era of information disclosure, Legal Education Regarding the Dangers of Drug Abuse in Tegalrejo District, Yogyakarta, along with various other papers. In particular we would like to thank all the Authors, Editors, and Reviewers, as well as the entire team involved in publishing this edition of the journal.


Published: 2020-01-05