IJALS Symposium on Technological Advancement for Social Welfare 2022


The IJALS Symposium is one of the important agendas of experts, researchers, scientists, academics, students, stakeholders, and policy makers in formulating various ideas and inputs for future development to ensure social welfare and a better life. This symposium is designed as a forum that brings together various multidisciplinary approaches in the development of future technologies for a better life. This symposium was organized by the Universitas Negeri Semarang (Indonesia) in collaboration with the Center for Law and Technology Studies, the Center for Environmental Conservation, and the Center for Humanitarian Studies.


Symposium Theme

“Technological Advancement for Social Welfare and Environmental Sustanability: Contemporary Development and the Future Impact”



  1. Rodiyah (Research and Community Services, Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)
  2. Cristy Clark (University of Canberra, AUSTRALIA)
  3. Ngaboawaji Daniel Nte (Center for Security and Intelligence Studies, Novena University, Abraka, NIGERIA)
  4. Dhoni Hartanto (Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Chemical Engineering, Transport Phenomena Section, Technische Universiteit Delft, THE NETHERLANDS) 




Authors are invited to submit original contributions (written in English) to the conference. Only original papers, related to environment and green technology, not published, or submitted for publication elsewhere can be submitted. Topics of interest, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Energy Systems
  • Advanced Materials Processing
  • Materials Synthesis and Processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Polymers and Soft Matter
  • Semiconductor Physics and Devices
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
  • Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation
  • Biotechnology
  • Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine
  • Mechanics of Biological Materials
  • Nanobio Applications
  • Nanotechnology
  • Polymers and Soft Matter
  • Green Transportation Technology
  • Technology and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable buildings and infrastructure
  • Technology and Human Behaviour
  • Technology for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Information and communication technology
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Pollution and Health
  • Green Technology Policy
  • Forest for water, food, and energy
  • Forest Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Society and Forest Management
  • Forest Protection System
  • Silvicultural technique for rehabilitation
  • Wetland management
  • Watershed management
  • Mangrove Systems
  • Ocean Ecosystems and Habitats
  • Ocean Protection Policy
  • Biodiversity changes and scenarios
  • Carbon cycle
  • Hydrometeorological disaster
  • Flood and drought caused by extreme weather
  • Debris flow and sediment transport
  • Community based disaster risk management
  • Technology for disaster mitigation and prevention
  • Surveillance and early warning systems
  • Climate Change Policy
  • National and International Environmental Policy Act
  • Urban Forest and Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Justice
  • Business Investment Development and Climate Change



 I. Conference Fee

Participant (Non-Presenter)


Presenter (Indonesian)*

150 USD

Presenter (Non-Indonesian)*

150 USD



*including publication fee

II. Important Date

Abstract Submission

1 May - 15 September 2022

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

19 September 2022

Full Paper Submission

28 October 2022


28 September 2022

Publication (expected)

January 2023


III. Submission Information

All abstract and Full paper should submit directly to: bit.ly/IJALS2022

Please adjust the template of paper here.


IV. Publication

All accepted and presented papers will be published on AIP Proceeding (indexed by Scopus). For detail concerning publication, check here.


V. Contact Person

Rizky Yanda Shagira    +62 822-2999-0450






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rodiyah

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Main Advisor

Prof. Dr. Fathur Rokhman

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Chair of Program

Aprila Niravita 

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Co-chair of Program

Ridwan Arifin 

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)


Dina Ristanti

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)


Holy Hanum Hanifah

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Publication and Editors

Bayangsari Wedhatami

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Riska Alkadri

(Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA)

Zaharuddin Ahmad Sabri

(Universitas Utara Malaysia, MALAYSIA)

Yoshiki Kurumisawa

(Waseda University, JAPAN)

Ridoan Karim

(Monash University, AUSTRALIA)

Ngaboawaji Daniel Nte

(Novena University, NIGERIA)

Brian Smith

(Walailak University, THAILAND)


 Leaflet of Symposium, download here