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Group Guidance with Problem Solving Technique to Improve Critical Thinking in Utilizing Online Information

Rizka Eliza Pertiwi, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Edy Purwanto

1-6 |

Life Satisfaction, Problematic Social Media Use and Self-Esteem as the Mediator

Uswatun Chasanah, Mulawarman Mulawarman, Ali Murtadho

18-23 |

Group Counseling with Cognitive Therapy Group and Extinction Techniques to Reduce Academic Procrastination

Relegia Puspita, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto, Sugiyo Sugiyo

24-28 |

The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Deep Breathing in Classical Format to Increase Students’ Academic Engagement

Nedi Kurnaedi, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto, Sunawan Sunawan

29-30 |

The Effectiveness of CBT Group Counseling with Problem Solving and Role Play Techniques to Improve Students’ Emotional Intelligence

Anissah Fadila Taharani, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman Mulawarman

34-39 |

Metaphor Reality Group Counseling Techniques to Increase Self-Esteem Students with Nomophobia Symptoms

Titik Angereni Wahyuningtyas, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman Mulawarman

45-50 |