The Problem-Based E-Module as Learning Suplement of Enviromental Changes Material to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

  • Marlia Farah Nurulita Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • F. Putut Martin HB Biology Department, Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia


The research aims to develop problem-based e-modules as a learning supplement of environmental change material that is feasible, effective in improving students' learning outcomes, and practically used in learning. This type of research is Research and Development (R&D). The subjects in this research were 34 students of SMAN 2 Kebumen class X MIPA 2. The research results on the feasibility of e-module from validity test obtained an average percentage score of 80.6% from material experts and 94.37% from media experts so that the e-module meets the category feasible for use in learning. In the small-scale test obtained an average percentage score of 81.2% from students with feasible categories. The results of the responses on the large-scale test obtained from students got an average score of 83.5% and from teacher 82.5% which were included in the feasible category. Problem-based e-module is proven to be effective in improving student learning outcomes obtained from the N-gain value of 0.56 in the medium category and classical completion obtained 100%. The results of the practicality test from students obtained an average score of 85.4% and from teacher 82.5% with a very practical category. The results showed that problem-based e-module on environmental changes material is feasible, effective for improving student learning outcomes and practically used in learning.